Video Infrastructure, Critical Meetings & Video Engagement Platform

What you Need to know

Virtual Meeting Room using virtualised software to provide scalable, cost-effective solutions. Enjoy seamless unity between systems: at last, any-to-any video is here. This is enterprise software doing exactly what it’s meant to do – make your team more productive and efficient, and encourage cross-pollination of ideas throughout your company. Whatever your current legacy video-conferencing systems, Pexip Infinity will seamlessly link them so that no-one’s left out. It also gives you complete control over how and when you deploy, scale or update the software.

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    Seamless interoperability

    With Pexip Infinity, all your enterprise communications solutions will work as one. It just works, and means you can participate using anything.

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    Capacity capability

    Pexip Infinity lets any number of your colleagues participate, no matter where they are. Add resources as required – you have optimum flexibility.

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    Beautifully simple

    Pexip Infinity is easy to use and easy to manage. With everyone using their preferred communications method, no expensive training is needed.

Video Infrastructure

Organizations across the globe are realizing how purpose-built video engagement can power a range of use cases, including those in healthcare, financial services, judicial, retail and government. With Pexip, you can deliver customized experiences to improve customer service, build trust with patients and citizens, and optimize customer engagement with the right experience for each and every conversation.

Enterprise Room Connector

Simplify video collaboration for any meeting room & modernize your existing hardware infrastructure. To help alleviate user complexity, and expand the possibilities of your current video conference meeting rooms, Pexip has put together a device-based licensing bundle called Enterprise Room Connector which encompasses everything you need to connect your video conferencing rooms and make hosting and joining video meetings a pain-free experience.

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Enhanced Room Management

Our new Pexip Enhanced Room Management solution makes managing your video conferencing systems (room systems) an easy and error-free process. From system monitoring to bulk provisioning of software upgrades, address books, and branding profiles, everything you need to manage your systems can be carried out from one single management interface. Enabling company admins to effortlessly manage their organization’s video conferencing systems. Monitor your room systems’ health at a glance. The Dashboard gives you an instant overview and health status of your meeting room systems from a single management interface, enabling you to monitor your systems and view any issues in real-time.

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Critical Meetings

Secure Video Conferencing & Encrypted Video Conference Solutions

Pexip is committed to upholding high standards of information security, privacy and transparency for its customers, partners and employees.
At Pexip, we offer multiple deployment options from a self-hosted solution, Pexip Infinity, to a private cloud solution called Pexip Private Cloud and a cloud service, the Pexip Service giving you the flexibility to choose what to do with your video conferencing data and how you want to manage it.

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Video Meeting Platform for Enhanced Video Conferencing

Enjoy high-quality video meetings that integrate with your existing video hardware, platforms, and workflows for a seamless user experience. Bring people and teams together with a single, high-powered video meeting platform to amplify your company communications. Because work is better together. Bring people to the heart of your meetings with Adaptive Composition. Designed with state-of-the-art AI and machine learning technology, Pexip meetings put all participants on equal footing.

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Self-Hosted Video Conferencing Solutions | Infinity Cloud Application

An award-winning cloud application that provides enterprise-wide video conferencing and collaboration using any device or platform. No matter the size or locations of your organization, Pexip provides a flexible, scalable meeting platform that fits your global team. Our interoperability solutions enable professional video conferencing systems to seamlessly connect to meetings in Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet and Skype for Business. Discover how building a video solution with Pexip’s self-hosted software can integrate with your existing workflows and be tailored to enhance your personalized patient, client, and customer experiences.

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Private Cloud | Secure Video Conferencing Solutions

The control and security of a self-hosted video conferencing platform with the ease and scalability of a shared cloud service. Organizations today require a private and secure video solution that is easy to deploy and manage, with the ability to scale up and down with changing demand and organization structure. Pexip Private Cloud can reduce the manpower needed to deploy, manage and scale your video platform by up to 80% and eliminates the need to purchase new hardware to add capacity.

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Video Engagement Platform

Discover how the Pexip Build video platform is deployed to drive more immersive customer experiences across a broad range of industries.

Video Engagement Platform to Connect with Customers, Patients & Clients

Create flexible, customizable user experiences.
Our digital infrastructure was built to integrate with other technologies and is flexible enough to support industry-specific B2C use cases. Pexip Build can be tightly integrated into new or existing business processes and workflows to provide a branded user experience that is easy to join from any device or location. Pexip’s security-first approach to data means that you have full control over all call data and metadata. Providing this assurance can help you build invaluable digital trust with your customers.

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Industry Leading Sales Engagement Software- Skedify

Whether you’re onboarding new investment clients or closing a mortgage deal, you want to quickly pair customers with the right experts. Increase in-store sales and nurture customer loyalty by meeting clients at every physical and digital touchpoint. Maintain social distancing by managing the flow of customers in-store with easy appointment scheduling. Provide a truly value-led service and boost conversions with Pexip Engage. Our solutions allow HR & recruitment companies to make more placements and keep both clients & candidates happy.

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