Yealink Management Cloud Service (YMCS)

Simplify device management process and enhance the user experience

Yealink provides the Yealink Management Cloud Service (YMCS) to simplfy the process of managing Yealink video and voice communication endpoint devices. YMCS delivers a host of capabilities and integrated functionality to enhance the user experience and to increase user adoption rates while consolidating customers under a cloud management platform.

Yealink Meeting

Makes it easier to meet online

Keep efficient communication, enhance productive collaboration and build stronger relationships with HD video and audio.

Yealink Meeting is the cloud-based video conferencing platform the world has been waiting for. It empowers online meetings, making it easier than ever before to bring your entire team together in one virtual space – no matter where they’re located. Designed for global teams, its combination of intuitive user interface and high security saves time and offers complete peace of mind. Meetings can be joined from anywhere with a single click, and all attendees can enjoy a richer experience thanks to Yealink Meeting’s instant content sharing functionality.

Barco XMS Cloud

Cloud monitoring, management and analytics for your workplace 

The XMS Cloud Management Platform offers the ultimate solution for IT managers deploying or owning a large install base of ClickShare wireless collaboration devices. It provides an easy to use interface for remote and reliable device management to guarantee the user experience and brings useful analytics to drive the Digital Workplace.

The XMS Cloud Management Platform allows to monitor and manage the latest ClickShare devices within your environment. XMS Cloud is your ideal companion to get worldwide access to your install base.


Powering video everywhere 

The video technology platform that powers everything from ultra secure government meetings, to personalized banking, to efficient hands-free work.

Remove barriers – instant communication

when you unite in the cloud