How to use the Lifesize Video Conferencing App

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Lifesize Cloud

Connected Experience

Schedule and participate virtual meetings exactly like you would do with all-in-one-room sessions. Thanks to Lifesize Cloud, everyone you work with is now just a click away – regardless of where they happen to be. Search directories, instant web conferences and one-on-one chats let you invite exactly the people you need to push a project forwards or drive innovation further. The user-friendly interface and desktop icon highlight that while it may be immensely powerful, this is another app that your whole team will be comfortable with in minutes.

Search-based directory. No virtual rooms or passwords required.

Calls via desktop app or your browser with up to 50 participants.

Schedule calls from Google Calendar™ or Microsoft® Outlook®.

Record and share your video calls with Lifesize Cloud Amplify.

Start a web conference and share your screen with ease.

24×7 support. We’re available when you need us.

Pull reports on call lengths, device usage and more.

Live chat one-on-one for business as well as private use.

Remove barriers – instant communication

when you unite in the cloud