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The #1 user-friendly software platform for Room, Desk & Visitor Management and Digital Signage solutions.

One platform for bookings and interactions

Real-time status reporting

Better facilities management through data

More people than ever before are working from home – but there will always be a need for them to come into the office from time to time. To collaborate on projects, to invite customers or to be inspired. When they do, they’ll need a workspace or meeting room – and a reliable way to reserve their requirements in advance.

With GoBright workplace management within Hybrid Offices has never been easier. The GoBright smart software solutions, make it possible to book your desk or meeting room in advance via the GoBright Online Portal, the Mobile App, or the Outlook Plugin. And, have you already entered the office building, you can make an ad hoc booking via a Mapping touch screen at the office floor, or at the workplace itself (GoBright Connect, or GoBright Room Panel).

The collected data gives facilities managers deep insights into space usage, office floor trends and stimulates hybrid working. Now remote workers can get more done when they come in – and get to where they need to be in a smoother, more streamlined way. No confusion. No double-bookings. No no-shows. Just one single booking platform

Meet – Room Booking

Check the availability of a room in the blink of an eye

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Work – Desk Booking

The flexwork wonder for your organization

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Visit – Digital Reception

Easy and GDPR proof digital visitor registration solution

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View – Digital Signage

Show information to a specific target group at the right time

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