Meet – Room Booking

Relaxed and worry-free meeting with GoBright room booking. Check the availability of meeting rooms and book your room within seconds. Use the GoBright solutions to make a booking anytime, anywhere.


With GoBright Room Booking, you’ll always know in advance that there’s a meeting room with your name on it. Avoid wasted trips and frustrated colleagues by planning ahead and ensuring that every minute spent at the office is a productive one that helps advance your key projects. GoBright also enables facilities managers to track and optimise the way different spaces are used.

  • Be assured of a room that suits your needs.
  • Avoid double bookings and unnecessary empty meeting rooms.
  • Manage room occupancy and save time, money and space.

Centralised Meeting System

GoBright makes it easier for everyone to find and book what they need in advance. It’s agile enough to adjust to changes of plan – bookings can be amended or cancelled as needed, so that free spaces are always available to others. Facilities managers gain the data they need to effectively manage both resources and budgets.

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Key Features

See what’s free

Use the smart App

Choose your language

Multiple integrations

Trendy room display

At-a-glance analytics

Two free skins for customisation

Installed in moments


GoBright has been engineered for seamless integration with Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Google, Active Directory and FMIS systems. Facilities managers gain insights into bookings – as well as take-up rates – and Go Bright can also store licenses and user preferences.

Room Booking App

Remote booking functionality via your smartphone, plus meeting time expiry notifications and meeting extension options – all thanks to the GoBright App.

Outlook Plugin

Integrate your room bookings with your calendar and arrange AV equipment and catering as required.

Smart Sensors

GoBright desk detection lets facilities managers see if booked workspaces are actually being used. Motion sensor technology can be used to cancel bookings if spaces are not being used.

Experience the Future

Seeing is believing, and you heard it here first. We’d love the opportunity to demonstrate the latest video conferencing, presentation and cloud services solutions at a time that’s convenient for you.

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