Work – Desk Booking System

Take flexible working to the next level with GoBright’s desk booking system. Check the occupation status of workplaces and book your desk within seconds. Use the smart app or online portal to make a booking in the desk booking system. Anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Check in / out at your desk and pre-set your personal preferences.


Home workers can save time and slot right into operations through GoBright’s desk booking solutions. The platform allows flexible workers to specify their requirements – including the team members or project collaborators they need to be near.

  • Be assured of a desk that suits your needs.
  • Find a colleague and book a workspace nearby.
  • Manage desk occupancy; save money and space.

Book your work online

Know in advance where you’ll be sitting – and enjoy the certainty of knowing that your reservation has been secured. And because everyone works differently, GoBright lets you specify your optimum requirements – and remembers your preferences for future bookings.

Facilities managers can optimise their space resources and budgets by gaining the data they need to make even more accurate resource allocation and space planning decisions. Take a look at the GoBright Brochure for more info.

Key Features

See when spaces are occupied

Smart App access

Rapid login

Multiple integrations


Powerful analytics

Universal application

Online portal



Enjoy Active Directory and Google integration so you can book a desk from your phone, from anywhere. You’ll have full access to all your licences and preferences.



See which spaces are in use and which are free – at a single glance. Powerful visual mapping functionality makes it easy to find and book your ideal workspace.


Desk Glow

Instant indication that a workstation is occupied, preventing confusion and ensuring that the space you’ve reserved, stays booked just for you.



New to a building? There’s no danger of not being able to find your way: GoBright Wayfinding will direct you to where you need to be.

Experience the Future

Seeing is believing, and you heard it here first. We’d love the opportunity to demonstrate the latest video conferencing, presentation and cloud services solutions at a time that’s convenient for you.

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